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New gTLDs

New domains for a better looking internet.


ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is currently in the process of unleashing the biggest change to the internet namespace since its establishment. Over 1400 new gTLDs or generic top level domains were launched by the end of 2016, with extensions spanning all major industries and verticals from .Business and .Media, to .Marketing and .Tech, to name just a few.

These new extensions present a significant opportunity to businesses and individuals seeking to establish or expand their online presence, in a way that has not been possible previously. Indeed, the value of these new domains lies not in the extension (as is the case with .COM), but rather in the ability to secure exact-match keyword combinations on the left and right side of the dot that are semantic and correspond to a specific product or service.

Now is a good time to acquire and secure the exact match gTLD for your business. As users adapt to the emerging new namespaces, adoption rates and demand will rise, increasing the value and cost of acquisition.



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New domains for a better looking internet.